Alex Jones will have his day at the White House, says an activist who spoke with the president’s staff.

Despite being one of social media’s most banned individuals, the embattled political commentator and other Infowars personalities were curiously omitted from Thursday’s White House Social Media Summit guest list.

But according to conservative political activist Ali Alexander, President Trump hasn’t forgotten about Jones or any of the pro-Trump conservatives banned during a recent Facebook purge.

Amid a Social Media Summit after-party, Alexander revealed Trump’s staff told him there would be a future meeting with those banned individuals, with whom he is planning to meet separately.

“I talked to the President’s staff on y’alls’ behalf and there will be a separate meeting for the banned folks: Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McGinnes, and Alex Jones — and the White House plans to meet with those folks separately to hear how they actually got banned because the media reports something nasty,” Ali told Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer.

Ali says the White House needs to hear from the banned individuals directly, since Silicon Valley execs are influenced by and make decisions based off left-leaning news sources like CNN and MSNBC, which report “fake news.”

“And so what they need to hear is straight voices and the president is ready to collect those voices hear them inside of our government. And I would say you’re not alone. The government will hear you soon, but we ought to hold President Trump and the administration to account, but what I heard today really did encourage me for everyone.”

Trump has in the past tweeted support for Infowars and specifically blacklisted editor Paul Joseph Watson. In May, he mentioned Watson by name in a tweet concerning big tech censorship of conservatives:

Then-Republican candidate Trump also appeared as a guest on the Alex Jones Show in December 2015:

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