In what was supposedly a “comedy” act to close out the latest episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, the female cast members got together to sing their rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

But the person they had their eye on was Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or, at least a report that would put Trump in jail. Because, according to the SNL cast, “the only other option is a coup. Straight Africa.”

Aside from comedian Leslie Jones saying she was going to bake “rophies into cookies because this year, I’m going to get [Santa]” (What happened to #MeToo?), the song was comprised of the deranged ramblings of loony liberals.

“This needs to be done by Christmas. I need a fricking ounce of cheer. I just really want my life back. Oh my god, it’s been two years,” the group sang, switching back and forth between them.

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