The Clintons have an open marriage and Hillary Clinton had an affair with her late law partner, Vince Foster, according to a former tabloid editor who emerged in the media to assert he once served as a “fixer” for the Clintons.

Jeff Rovin, who first told his story in the tabloid newspaper the National Enquirer, anonymously, was granted a far larger microphone on Monday night on “The Sean Hannity Show” on Fox News.

Rovin told Hannity his motivation to come forward was the biased coverage afforded to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“The New York Times has become the National Enquirer, and the National Enquirer has become the New York Times,” Rovin said. “We’ve got to set the world right again.”

Rovin did not get into too many details, nor did he over much compelling proof of his involvement in salacious cover-ups for the Clintons. He also did not produce any pictures or even the prized audio tape he allegedly received from the National Enquirer — in return for a Clinton exclusive.

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