And here is the latest episode of “Stuck on Stupid.” I truly love it when folks pipe up after a horrific event and state the absolute obvious. And so it appears to be happening in Europe. But I just gotta wonder, will they be able to survive their own ignorance and lack of spine?

As reported by the UK Telegraph:

“Terrorists are using the migration crisis to enter Europe and plot atrocities across the continent, the European Union’s own border agency has admitted.

“In a report which lays bare the concerns about the EU’s porous borders, Frontex conceded that it does not know the true number of migrants who have crossed into the continent and has no way of tracking them.

“Frontex said that EU member states had reported a record 1.82 million illegal border crossings last year, six times higher than the previous record set in 2014.

“However, it admitted that the number of illegal crossings is an underestimation because so many migrants have ‘continued their journey without being detected.’

“It warned that a ‘staggering number’ of EU citizens have travelled to Syria to fight with Isil [ISIS] and that they are now posing as refugees to gain entry to Europe.

“The border agency’s shock admission will increase fears that the EU is unable to track potential terrorists like those who committed the atrocities in Paris and Brussels. It also undermines claims made by supporters of the EU, who say that Britain is safer as a member of the bloc.

“‘The Paris attacks in November 2015 clearly demonstrated that irregular migratory flows could be used by terrorists to enter the EU,’ Frontex said in its report” (emphasis added).

Ok, please refrain from using all expletives coming to mind right now. Does anyone else see the abject incompetence being displayed here — scarily so?

Here we have the entire European Union now admitting what the enemy has stated it would do — infiltrate within the “refugee” flow out of the Middle East. Here on these pages, we’ve been warning about the migration of these single, military-aged Muslim males into Western nations for months and months.

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