A viral video shows a man conducting a 100% autonomous flight around the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, using a jet pack.

Footage from last week shows the man in the jet pack do a vertical take off, the first of its kind for Dubai’s “Jetmen,” before he launches into a rapid glide towards the city, then later shoots up towards the sky like Superman before falling back to Earth with a parachute.

More from Esquire Middle East:

The latest mission – which is supported by Expo 2020 – was the first time the pilots have taken off vertically. Typically, as in the last Jetman mission – over China’s Tianmen Mountains – the Jetmen must jump out of a helicopter before engaging their engines.

The stunt took place on February 14, when Vince Reffet took off over Jumeirah Beach Residence. Reffet travelled over 100-metres in the first 8-seconds of the flight, reaching a height of 1,800-metres at the end of the 3-minute flight.

In previous missions, the Jetmen have said it is impossible for them to fly below 50-metres. It seems that feat is impossible no longer.

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