and its owner Jeff Bezos sent major hints Tuesday that the company could choose Washington, D.C., as the site for the tech giant’s second headquarters, although the location is still undecided.

Amazon became a member of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, according to CNBC, and the Amazon board of directors booked a 40-person dinner at the Renwick Gallery in D.C. Tuesday night, The Washington Post reported, citing a museum spokesman. Bezos himself is also scheduled to give an interview with the president of the Economic Club of Washington Thursday night.

The Washington Housing Initiative, an organization that addresses the lack of affordable housing in D.C., is sponsoring the interview, according to WaPo. Many fear that Amazon’s entrance to the nation’s capital would only make housing costs worse for the public. As of now, the potential Amazon facility would likely be located in Crystal City, a location where one of the Washington Housing Initiative’s top backers is a major landowner.

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