A group of officers with the New York Police Department were turned in by two Emergency Medical Technicians after beating a mentally ill man shackled to a stretcher.

Documents obtained by the New York Daily News reveal how the EMTs had to physically stop four officers as they repeatedly punched the man in the face on July 20.

According to reports filed by the EMTs, the incident began shortly after the pair arrived at a police station to transport the man to a nearby hospital. The man, who was said to be combative, had his hands and feet shackled to a stretcher after leaving his cell.

“Pt. came out of the cell in cuffs. Pt. became combative with PD and (was) put on our stretcher,” one EMT wrote.

That is when the restrained man began swearing and spitting at a group of police with the Emergency Service Unit, causing an officer to punch him in the face multiple times before slamming him to the ground.

“Pt. was struck in the face by an officer … pt. spit in the face of an officer, whereupon the officer punched the pt. in the face multiple times,” the report stated.

The second EMT confirmed the account, noting that the man had “sustained injuries” to the face and head.

After being put back on the stretcher, the man proceeded to spit once more. Instead of grabbing a spit mask, two other officers joined the first in unleashing a barrage of punches on the man’s face, causing the EMTs to become concerned enough to physically intervene.

“Three cops began to punch the patient in the face, EMS (had) to get in the middle of it to intervene. Pt’s. wounds and injuries cleaned in the (ambulance),” the report said.

An investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau is currently underway according to a spokesman with the New York Police Department. The EMTs, who clearly did their job to protect the health and well-being of their patient, are reportedly still serving the public.

The incident comes only weeks after a New York police officer choked an asthmatic man to death for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. The responding EMTs and paramedics were all suspended after failing to provide support to the man as he laid motionless on the concrete.

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