While Latin American-born Pope Francis arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border and lectured about immigration policy, unmentioned in the pontiff’s address or the media’s coverage of his address is the fact that the U.S. has accepted more immigrants from around the world than any other country, including vastly more than all of Latin America put together.

According to analysis from the U.S. Senate Immigration Subcommittee, although the U.S. has roughly half the population of Latin America, it houses six times as many migrants. According to the UN, the U.S. hosts 45.8 million migrants compared to all 21 Latin American nations’ 7.8 million migrants, the analysis states:

The U.S. contains about 4.5 percent of global population but hosts about 20 percent of the world’s global migrants.  As a matter of comparison, Latin America contains nearly twice as much of the world’s population – more than 8.5 percent – but houses only about 3.35 percent of the world’s migrants.  While the United States takes in one-fifth of global migrants, no other nation on earth has taken in more than one-twentieth.

Indeed, the Pope’s home country of Argentina alone – which boasts a population of 41.5 million – houses less than one percent of global migrants. The United States has taken in  24 times  more migrants than has Argentina. In the United States, nearly one out of every seven residents is foreign born. By contrast, in Argentina only one out of every 22 residents is foreign born.

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