Mike Adams
Natural News
April 29, 2013

If you want to look where America is headed, look no further than the recent activist video released by Mark Dice. He attempted to gather signatures for a petition that demanded America become a Nazi-style Orwellian police state, complete with forced mercury injections of children and door-to-door gun confiscation nationwide. Astonishingly, people gladly signed it!

Not just one or two people, but a steady stream of people. Demonstrating their true idiocy — there’s no other word for it — they put their signature on a document that called for a return to the Hitler regime of World War II with mass murder and concentration camps.

The purpose of this exercise was to see just how far you could go in proposed insane laws and still garner public support for it. After watching this, I’m convinced that the average American would vote for a law that called for the rounding up and imprisonment of all gun owners, the outlawing of cash, and even the surgical removal of all breasts of female children in order to prevent “future breast cancer.”

In truth, there’s nothing today’s mainstream idiots won’t go for if it’s proposed by government: The ritualistic sacrifice of your firstborn child, a federal income tax rate of 90%, the outlawing of home gardens… you name it, people will sign a petition to support it.

And why? Because they are zombie idiots who literally have barely enough brain matter still functioning in their skulls to dress themselves in the morning, swipe their EBT cards and use a TV remote. We are dealing with people whose brain activity barely rises above brain stem functionality.

Brain damaged nation

We are living in a nation of brain damaged people. When you walk around the streets of a typical city, or the aisles of a grocery store, the most important thing to remember is that you are surrounded by brain damaged victims who can barely function in society.

You, an intelligent thinking person who is aware of reality, are a “god” among ants, to borrow a phrase from X-Men. There mere fact that you are capable of thinking for yourself puts you at “genius” level compared to the moronic zombie masses.

Those masses are just one step away from being “zombies” in a very literal sense: drooling, lumbering, mindless bags of ambulatory flesh, with just barely enough intelligence to swipe their food stamp debit cards and buy another bag of Doritos, but not nearly enough to understand anything about reality. These people are the greatest threat to our Republic: drooling masses of idiot zombie voters who can be easily tricked into voting for almost anything (or anybody) on election day.

Definitely not qualified to vote

Yes, a crack-head welfare mom who can’t do 5th-grade math and has no knowledge of history has the same power at the voting booth as YOU or I. This situation can only lead to the demise of the nation. Democracy cannot work if the people are so brain damaged that they will sign petitions to usher in a new Nazi-era Orwellian police state. Yet that’s where we are in America today.

Truthfully, only about 5% of the population is qualified to vote. 95% have no business voting for anything because they have no understanding of reality. A typical U.S. voter is an expert in evening television, sitcoms, celebrity news and sports. But they are absolute idiots on topics like economics, philosophy, science, history, psychology and even mathematics. This means they have no qualifications to vote on anything impacting society. They are completely incapable of making well-considered decisions about their own lives, much less then lives of everybody else in society.

Every time they vote, they lead us down the path of economic and social destruction. It’s like we’re all trapped on a cruise ship wandering aimlessly across the ocean, and they’ve taken the most moronic passengers they could find on board and put them in command of the navigation because they wanted everything to be “fair.”

Well, I don’t want a cruise ship that’s piloted by committee. I want the most capable captain at the helm, preventing us from smashing into rocks or running aground. But apparently that’s a “radical” idea in a society where it’s now all about “equalization,” meaning we have to put the most stupid people in charge of everything, including airport security.

If you’re living off the government, you should forfeit the right to vote

I believe that in a fair and just society, people who are living off the government should forfeit their right to vote — at least for as long as they are financially supported by the government. This includes employees of the government, all of whom are supposed to be servants who serve the public interest.

Anyone who wants to earn the right to vote again can simply get a real job in the private sector, contribute to society by paying taxes and getting off all the government handouts: welfare, food stamps, etc. Once you’re no longer a parasite sucking off the system, your right to vote is restored.

After all, if a person isn’t actively contributing to society, why should they have any say in how society expends its resources? Shouldn’t this right and power belong solely to those who contribute to the system by paying taxes that support everyone else?

Voting is a serious business. It cannot be mindlessly handed out to every person with just enough reptilian brain stem function to fornicate or punch a hanging chad. By all standards of rationality, there must be some minimum level of consciousness and awareness to have the right to vote at all.

I say give people a test on the Bill of Rights before they are allowed to vote. If you don’t understand what the First Amendment is and why it’s important, you’re too stupid to vote on anything, period!

Or even just a basic reading test would be sufficient to weed out the most brain-dead zombies in the country.

It’s time we got serious about protecting our Republic from the zombies. I don’t mean that as a joke… I’m serious about this. I believe in the Republic and I believe in the basic tenants of democracy. But when your democracy is taken over by literal brain-dead zombies who are utterly incapable of thinking critically about legislation, campaign promises, the economics of government and where it’s all headed, then allowing them to vote only hurts everyone.

In the Next Society, after this current one crashes and burns (an inevitable outcome based on current trends), I hope we have a serious discussion about how the right to vote is EARNED by responsible, intelligent citizens who contribute to society. No one should be given the right to vote merely by having a heartbeat. If you want to influence society, you need to earn that right by contributing to society. (Heinlein)

When the right to vote is not valued, the results you get are disastrous. Voting is a sacred right that must be reserved solely for those members of the public who can demonstrate at least a rudimentary understanding of the way the world really works. And I welcome all these people to vote, regardless of ethnicity, religion or even sexual orientation. All who are intelligent, critical thinkers with an understanding of history should be granted the right to vote. All who live their lives as brain-damaged zombies subsisting on government handouts should be DENIED the right to vote. Only then can we hope to have a sane enough voting base to put our country back on track.

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