Tom Rose and Gary Bauer
Human Events
March 17, 2008

Just four days after eight Israeli high school students were massacred by a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino used perhaps the most shocking example yet of moral equivalence in explaining Vice President Dick Cheney’s upcoming trip to the Middle East. The trip was necessary said Perino, because “Neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis are moving fast enough on their respective obligations to end violence and curb expansion of settlements.”

That the office of the President of the United States now openly equates the deliberate and orchestrated murder of unarmed high school boys with the bureaucratic decision of a municipal Israeli housing authority to permit the construction of new apartments in an existing subdivision is another redundant proof of how far the Bush Administration has retreated from its signature demand that moral clarity was a necessary component to victory in the war on terror.

To get a sense of how detached our diplomats are world imagine a doctor refusing to re-examine the condition of a patient whose condition deteriorates after each treatment. But in the Middle East, no matter how chronic the patient’s condition, the only change to treatment is an ever increased dosage of the same bad medicine.

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