July 8, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly stated that his health care law does not pay for illegal alien medical expenses. But American Patriot has proven the fact that illegal aliens and the special interest groups that represent them are cheering the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare because it does exactly that.

Marcelo Rivera, representing the group Latinos Para La Revolución (“Latinos for the Revolution”), told the Chicago Civil Rights Examiner, “The individual mandate was the most important part of the law… We are still working with officials to make sure that undocumented Latinos will receive only the best health care possible. We don’t want them attending those free clinics with doctors that have no experience.” Apparently, the free clinics with young doctors who know all of the current medical procedures are to be reserved especially for Americans who have been put out of work by under-priced illegal laborers.

This quote, and others like it, can be found on the American Patriot website in an article entitled, Obamacare Gives Illegal Aliens “Free” Health Care.

“This is just outrageous,” said Charles Benninghoff, Publisher of American Patriot. “They openly admit that illegal aliens are already receiving health care at taxpayer expense, and now they’re complaining that they want even better care. It is clear that, to the socialist revolutionaries promoting the swamping of our labor markets, that young American doctors simply are not good enough for the illegal trade.”

The Department of Health and Human Services began giving Obamacare funds to health systems that service illegal aliens in 2011. CNS News asked HHS at the time whether illegals were receiving “free” health care at taxpayer expense. HHS replied that it is not the duty of clinics to determine a patient’s immigration status.

“The IRS has hired 6,500 new agents to collect the taxes associated with Obamacare,” said Benninghoff. “At the end of the day, lawful citizens are going to see their wealth confiscated in order to continue paying for the health care of illegal aliens. While our young college graduates are in the unemployment line and marching in Occupy This-or-That seeking social justice, our government is acting as a magnet for foreign illegals to come and under-price Americans by subsidizing their health care.”

American Patriot believes that the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare will have disastrous consequences for the United States. The organization believes that it is a poor policy solution for the American health care system. American Patriot is encouraging Congress to overturn Obamacare and end the subsidizing of health care for illegal aliens.

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