A tight labor market, thanks to President Trump’s “America First” agenda, is securing high-paying jobs for American teens who otherwise would have been pushed out of the workforce.

An extensive report by the Wall Street Journal reveals how businesses with coveted industry jobs are branching out to teenagers for employment opportunities as they face an ever-tightening labor market.

Thayer McCollum, a 17-year-old high school student, secured a job at Avionics Specialists LLC, where he works part-time. McCollum told the Wall Street Journal that he’s “never had to work fast food” like many other teenagers and says, “It’s good to know I already have employable skills.”

For teens like McCollum, Trump’s tight labor market — wherein a growing economy and stricter immigration enforcement have led disenfranchized American workers back to the labor market — has given them opportunities that would have been impossible in a flooded labor market with stagnant wages.

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