An American photojournalist who managed to escape al-Qaeda captivity in Syria five years ago claims the FBI betrayed him and that agents put intelligence gathering ahead of his safety.

Matt Schrier, now 39, was taken hostage by Jabhat al-Nusra, a militant group aligned with al-Qaeda, while he traveled through Syria back in December 2012.

He claims he was tortured and beaten by Syrian rebels who accused him of working for the CIA and imprisoned him in dark cell for seven months until he managed to escape.

Following his return to the US, Schrier said he started investigating his abduction and claims to have uncovered a pattern of ‘betrayal’ from the FBI agents assigned to his case.

In an interview with Fox News’ The Story on Monday, Schrier said the FBI was monitoring his bank accounts after the terrorists used his money to purchase a dozen computers and tablets.

He claims the agents were trying to run an intelligence operation by trying to track the computers and learn more about the terror group’s activity.

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