Adan Salazar
February 26, 2013

The $85 billion in so-called sequestration cuts scheduled to take effect March 1 will put the United States in a vulnerable state of security and can lead to longer lines at the airport, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano warned at a White House briefing yesterday.

“I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country with sequester compared to without sequester,” she told reporters.

Among the various Homeland Security agencies that will be affected by the sequester, Transportation Security Administration staffing will take a hit, which can lead to longer lines at the airport, Big Sis said.

Napolitano stated, “If you’re traveling by air, you’re going to have to start getting to the airport earlier. And if you’re trying to make a connecting flight, you’re gonna have to make your arrangements to give you greater time with which to do that.”

On Twitter, news that the sequester could leave fewer TSA screeners at airports was received with joy, as reported by Twitchy last week:

The over-bloated governmental entity is viewed as a bane in most Americans’ existence, many of whom consider it a bottomless money hole sucking up a budget of $8.1 billion annually since its inception in 2001, but providing little in the way of actual security.

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