COMMENTARY: IRS AS PART OF THE POLICE STATE – I would imagine that the fury of the formative founding fathers over taxes– epitomized by the Samuel Adams-led Tea Party protest– was based not only on the unfairness of the authority and burdensome price of the taxes, but also on the tactics used in its collection, i.e. at the barrel of a gun. In our day, critics point towards the tactics of intimidation of the IRS– whose purchase of shotguns for IRS agents was widely publicized– and who have just gained greater authority vis-à-vis mandatory health insurance, among other provisions. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue collection authority has just launched an eerie big brother-collection commercial where a H.A.L.-like female cyber-voice tracks down a resident for back taxes through a high-tech grid, creepily promising “We do know who you are. Find us before we find you.” The people are angry, they are not violent; on the contrary, it is the agencies of government taking up arms and tracking people down through databases…

Americans Seeking Reward Money Inform IRS on Others

Ryan J. Donmoyer
May 5, 2010

Americans seeking reward money are turning in neighbors, clients and employers they suspect of cheating on taxes to the IRS at a rate of nearly eight per day, the director of the agency’s whistleblower program said.

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Steve Whitlock, the director, told an audience of about 200 lawyers, investigators and government officials at a Miami Beach conference on offshore banking that his office receives 40 to 50 tips per month alleging tax liability in excess of $2 million. Americans submit another 200 per month alleging smaller violations, he said.

Whitlock said submissions have surged since the enactment in 2006 of a law that requires the IRS to pay awards of between 15% and 30% in cases where more than $2 million is collected. Prior to the law, both the decision on whether to make an award and the amount of payment were discretionary.

PA Tax Nazis Know Who You Are

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