Despite the big congressional win by Republicans on November 4 in the midterm elections, most Americans believe significant change is unlikely to occur over the next two years.


This opinion is reflected by an poll. It shows 62% of respondents are skeptical establishment Republicans will change their behavior and turn government around. 31% believe Republicans will enact laws and see through reforms that will partially reverse six years of damage caused by the policies of the Obama administration and a Democrat controlled Senate. A small minority of 7% think Republicans will substantially alter the course of government.

“Republicans who claim to be great champions of limited government and free enterprise, are really nothing more than caretakers of the welfare-warfare state. In other words, electing get along (moderate) Republicans to Congress will not change the status quo,” explains Murray Sabrin.

Establishment Republicans have demonstrated repeatedly they agree with Democrats about large government. The only difference is they believe a large and oppressive state should be used for somewhat different reasons than their Democrat colleagues. Republicans favor warfare over welfare and when in control of government make token gestures to placate the libertarian wing of the party. Democrats, on the other hand, favor an ever-growing welfare and nanny state and, as well, although not as demonstrably, support war and illegal intervention in foreign countries. Both parties, essentially a single party, agree on what they declare is the necessity of an all-encompassing surveillance state. Democrats attempt to mollify the civil libertarian wing of their party by stating they favor safeguards and other illusory stop gaps against rampant violations of the Bill of Rights, in particular the Fourth Amendment.

In fact, token gestures by Republicans to reform and rollback large and obtrusive government serve little more purpose than election campaign rhetoric. “The problem is that this federal tyranny also existed during the presidency of the conservative Republican George W. Bush. And for over four years of Bush rule, the Republicans had a majority in both Houses of Congress,” writes Laurence M. Vance.

“Conservative plans like the Contract with America, Pledge to America, Path to American Prosperity, Path to Prosperity, Back to Basics, Saving the American Dream, and now the latest plan, Room to Grow, all have one thing in common: they all have room for the welfare state.”

The average conservative supporting the Republican party should take a look at the substantial bite taken out of his or her earnings by government over the period Republicans controlled government.

Republicans are not and never have been serious about eliminating wholesale wealth confiscation by government. This brazen theft allows it to continue its warfare and welfare agenda. “The purpose of tax reform is not to cut revenue to the government or to cut taxes — it’s to grow the economy,” California Rep. John Campbell, a member of the Republican Study Committee and the No. 4 Republican on the House Budget Committee, told Politico in September.

“People are more concerned with what’s fair and necessary in taxes than they are about an individual tax cut or tax increase for themselves,” said Rep. Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican.

Establishment Republicans support continued confiscation without relief. The only difference from their Democrat counterparts is that they dress it up in deceptive phraseology to mollify beleaguered tax payers. “The era of tax reform and overhauling the Tax Code is replacing [an emphasis on] numbers,” said South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham. “A flatter tax with less deductions is the new mantra.”

“The old accusation that Republicans are tax collectors for the welfare state still rings true. Republicans repeatedly promise lower tax rates in return for eliminating tax deductions. Then, a few years later, tax rates are raised back up to old levels – but the deductions stay gone forever,” writes Jon Basil Utley. “Government needs are always insatiable.”

Graham and the Republicans know that if taxes are rolled back and eventually eliminated, as envisioned by the Tea Party and libertarian factions of the party, the forever war agenda will starve and die. Democrats and Republicans are nearly indistinguishable on the forever war agenda that has unfolded since the September 11, 2011 attacks.

From the warfare-welfare state to government enforced health care and immigration, establishment Republicans and Democrats basically agree. In order to placate the base, Republicans will modify and tinker with Obamacare but will not repeal it. Mitch McConnell, soon to become the Senate Majority Leader, campaigned on repealing Obamacare “root and branch,” and several of his caucus’ newest members made similar promises, but this will not happen and establishment Republicans never planned for it to happen. Instead of repealing the unpopular and tyrannical law, Republicans will merely change the shade of lipstick on the pig.

On amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, Republicans are playing footsie. Instead of opposing the proposed law on moral and philosophical grounds, as demanded by the tea party and libertarian factions, Eric Cantor, Speaker John Boehner and other House Republicans “have said that the lower chamber would take a slower, more piecemeal approach to immigration reform rather than vote on the Senate’s comprehensive approach,” writes Giuseppe Macri for Daily Caller.

Mainstream Republicans are susceptible, however, to populist trends where it hurts – in the ballot box.

Over the next two years, as the 2016 election nears, libertarians and tea party activists and their supporters must take make it unmistakably clear that Republican candidates who continue to support the welfare-warfare state will be targeted and sent packing to the political wilderness.

“We won’t get there unless people whose souls are un-owned by political parties take over town hall meetings and let Congress members know that they must work to end this war if they want to earn our votes,” writes David Swanson of the Ron Paul Institute.

This approach will not only ultimately put an end to ever multiplying wars, but the entire establishment agenda – from immigration “reform” to the drug war and the unprecedented growth of the police state to carbon taxes and other globalist schemes.

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