WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe the U.S. rates “very” or “somewhat favorably” in the world’s eyes. Though the current figure is up just slightly from the 55% recorded last year, it represents the highest figure Gallup has found since 2003.

Line chart. Americans’ views of how the U.S. rates in the eyes of the world since 2000.

The increase in the overall figure is the result of an increase in the percentage of political independents saying the U.S. is rated favorably abroad, up eight percentage points, from 50% to 58%. Meanwhile, the views of Americans identifying as Republican or Democratic haven’t changed.

A relatively high proportion of Republicans say the U.S. is viewed favorably (80%), matching their views in 2018. This is the highest level of Republicans’ confidence in the country’s global image since 2002 during the post-9/11 period of the George W. Bush administration.

Far fewer Democrats during Donald Trump’s presidency have said the country is viewed positively abroad, with their latest 36% matching last year’s figure. Democrats current negativism on this measure is similar to what it was at certain points in President G.W. Bush’s second term.

Line chart. Partisans’ views of how the U.S. rates in the eyes of the world since 2000.

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