Beachgoers in San Diego signed a petition to support the “Obama Illiteracy Program,” in what has to be one of media analyst Mark Dice’s most hilarious and yet disturbing ‘man on the street’ videos to date.

Announcing that the initiative was part of the “Obama administration’s educational program,” Dice got numerous people to sign the petition while telling them over and over again that they were helping to “continue the spread of illiteracy”.

“A lot of kids just aren’t reading these days and a lot of adults just aren’t paying any attention at all, thank you for demonstrating that,” Dice tells one woman as she signs the petition.

“The young millenials, we’re just encouraging the illiteracy,” Dice tells another man whose partner has a baby as he signs the petition.

“A lot of people just aren’t paying any attention, aren’t reading, aren’t comprehending anything,” Dice tells another man who responds, “They’re stupid,” after signing the petition.

When another man asks Dice to clarify, he re-states that the petition is an Obama administration initiative to “spread more illiteracy”.

The video doesn’t feature anyone who refuses to sign the petition or even understands what the word “illiteracy” means.

Figures show that 32 million Americans can’t read – a whopping 14 per cent of the population – while 21 per cent read below a 5th grade level and 19 per cent of high school graduates are illiterate.

The currently literacy rate in the United States hasn’t improved at all in the last 10 years, as Dice’s stunt unfortunately illustrates.

Across the western world as a whole, the average IQ has dropped by an astonishing 14.1 percentage points over the last century despite massive advances in technology and much greater access to information.

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