Just 5% have trust in legislative branch

Steve Watson
October 4, 2011

Amidst historic lows in approval ratings for the federal government, Americans still have confidence in local and state governments, according to a new Gallup poll, a clear indication that the people are sick and tired of big government over reach and wish to see problems dealt with by their locally elected representatives.

“Two-thirds of Americans have a great deal or fair amount of confidence in their local governments to handle local problems, and a solid majority feel the same way about their state government.” reports Gallup on findings from its annual Governance poll.

1997-2011 trend: Trust and Confidence in Government Entities to Handle Problems

The poll found that just 5% have a “great deal of confidence” in the legislative branch, with less than a third expressing any form of confidence whatsoever.

The Executive branch faired little better with just 17% expressing a great deal of confidence and less than half in total expressing any form of confidence.

“…state and local officials could find that the public trust they enjoy would provide them strong public support for taking more control from Washington” notes Gallup, suggesting that education, health and human services, transportation, environmental regulations, and crime control could see more local and state influence.

Trust and Confidence in Government Entities to Handle Problems, September 2011

Last week, findings indicated unprecedented levels of negativity toward the federal government, with a record high of 81% of Americans indicating that they are dissatisfied with the way the country is being governed.

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The survey also found that almost half of the country (49%) believes that the federal government poses an immediate threat to individuals’ rights and freedoms.

Dissatisfaction with Congress reaches even higher, with a whopping 82% disapproving of the way Congress is now handling its job.

The poll reflects a deep and growing distrust amongst Americans in an establishment across both parties that has continually and significantly chipped away at American’s liberties since 9/11, all but destroyed the economy through both mismanagement and deliberate negligence, and has outright lied to the country on matters of the utmost importance domestically and internationally.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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