As Russia continued to evacuate its citizens from the Egyptian resort area of Sharm el-Sheikh Monday, evidence grew that Metrojet Flight 9268 was likely brought down by a bomb in a terrorist attack killing all 224 passengers on board. The Kremlin may redouble its efforts to fight terrorism at home, especially in the North Caucasus region that has seen past terror attacks, as fears mount of potential domestic attacks, Bloomberg reported.

“We need to ring the alarm bells, there’s a significant increase in the level of risk,” said Rizvan Kurbanov, a parliament member for Dagestan. “If the problem was a local one in the past, now it’s in a number of other regions of the country.”

Terrorists linked with the group the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, claimed responsibility for the Oct. 31 downing of the Metrojet flight, citing Russia’s airstrikes in Syria. Russia began airstrikes over Syria at the end of September saying they were aimed at fighting ISIS, however Western officials have questioned the Kremlin’s aims, saying some airstrikes have targeted opposition groups fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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