The war in Ukraine has left Russia dealing with weapons and smugglers making their way into the country from outside the conflict zone. The Russian solution: Dig ditches to slow the influx, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Russia is digging ditches to slow munitions and intruders moving into the country across its western border. Russia — accused by the United States of backing the pro-Russia separatists battling the Ukrainian government — has dug about 60 miles of trenches so far, the Border Guard Service told Bloomberg. “It was done to create obstacles against intruders and the illicit entry of arms,” Andrei Timofeev, a spokesman for the Border Guard service, said to Bloomberg on Tuesday.

The trenches, dug in the Rostov region that borders the separatist-declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, are reportedly about 13 feet wide and about 6.5 feet deep. There have been about 60 foiled arms smuggling attempts this year, causing the detention of more than 130 people and the confiscation of about 30 land mines, 40 firearms, 100 artillery shells and 200 grenades, Russian government paper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported, via Bloomberg.

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