If implemented, President Barack Obama’s executive actions granting temporary amnesty and federal benefits to nearly 4 million illegal aliens in the United States will end up costing American taxpayers about $1.3 trillion in Social Security and Medicare benefits, and about $20 billion more in retroactive tax credits, according to Robert Rector, senior research fellow for Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

Rector testified before the House subcommittees on National Security and on Health Care, Benefits and Administrative Rules during a joint hearing on Tuesday, March 17. He focused on the cost that Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Legal Permanent Residents Program (DAPA) would have on taxpayers.

At the hearing, Rector explained that the “fiscal consequences” of legalizing millions of illegal aliens, most of whom are low-earning and marginally educated, are “extremely large and run in the trillions of dollars.”

“If you assume that they, in today’s dollars, get the average Social Security and Medicare benefits that go to legal immigrants who are elderly, with that same level of education, the cost is they’re going to be getting over $20,000 in benefits in retirement in today’s dollars — it’ll actually be much more than that, obviously — and the total cost of that is $1.3 trillion,” Rector testified.

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