Leftists across the U.S. are smashing Donald Trump piñatas in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

In St. Louis, Mo., anti-Trump activists are unveiling a 10-foot tall Trump piñata for their Mexican holiday festival.

“EL Trumpo will be on display at Yaquis from its’ unveiling until its’ demise at the Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 7, at the main stage located next to Yaquis (Iowa and Cherokee),” the Latin Times reported. “The piñata will also be carried down Cherokee in the Cinco de Mayo parade.”

Some activists are even using Cinco de Mayo to make threats against pro-Trump voters.

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And numerous bars, such as the the Replay Lakeview in Chicago, Ill., and Max’s in Oakland, Calif., are hosting #ThumpTrump piñata bashes.

However, not every bar with a Trump piñata is against the real estate mogul.

The owner of the Hancock Street Café in San Diego, Calif., has transformed his business into a Trump-themed diner complete with pictures, stickers, banners and even a huge TRUMP sign above the building.

“Owner Mario Waclawski put the giant Trump sign above his café last year, making no mistake which candidate he’s voting for, even though it could be polarizing for his business,” NBC San Diego reported. “From the piñata to the countless pictures of the man trying to become America’s 45th president, Waclawski will talk politics and he really loves it when people disagree.”

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