Here’s another example of how leftists are perfectly happy to drop their politically correct morals on a whim if the target of their hate is a conservative.

The incident occurred during last night’s confrontation between Infowars and the Young Turks, when Cenk Uygur had a temper tantrum before one of his guests – comedian Jimmy Dore – spat in Alex Jones’ face (because liberals are real classy like that).

Towards the end of the confrontation, Ana Kasparian is caught on tape yelling at Alex Jones.

“Get off the stage, you fat fuck!” she screams.

Aside from the fact that Jones is virtually the same size as Kasparian’s boss Cenk, her insult completely contradicts her previous conviction that people should not be shamed over their weight.

As the video above illustrates, Kasparian has railed against body shaming on numerous occasions.

“It’s the classic bullying move, where you wanna feel better about yourself so you look to someone and pick on their imperfections to feel good about yourself….it’s stupid,” she once asserted.

In another rant about YouTuber Nicole Arbour, who received criticism for making fun of fat people, Kasparian said Arbor was making “a very serious and very terrible statement about overweight people.”

In another clip, Kasparian defines fat shaming; “Fat shaming is pointing a finger at you and being like ‘you’re fat!'”

Oh you mean like how you pointed your finger at Alex Jones and called him a “fat fuck,” Ana?

Elsewhere, Kasparian is seen lamenting about how her dance instructor told her she was overweight when she was a child.

“It does scar you and you have issues with food and eating for the rest of your life,” she stated.

Kasparian’s tone sounded somewhat different when she angrily labeled Jones a “fat fuck” last night.

Just like how leftists will whine all day long about Donald Trump’s supposed sexism and racism – while themselves engaging in rampant misogyny and bigotry against Melania Trump for being a “dumb bitch” who can’t speak English properly – Kasparian was perfectly content to abandon her body positivity message to attack Jones over his weight.

Kasparian is a total hypocrite and should immediately issue an apology for her disgraceful act of body shaming discrimination.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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