June 27, 2013

Reports from today indicate that Russia has recently pulled it’s personnel from Syria due to the security situation and for diplomatic reasons.

In an interview with the Al-Hayat newspaper, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said:

Presently, the Russian Defense Ministry has not a single person stationed in Syria. The base does not have any strategic military importance.

Additionally, Russia Today, in an article published recently, reports:

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister says all personnel had been evacuated from the navy resupply base in Tartus, Syria, adding that not a single Russian military serviceman remained in the country.

Social media is abuzz with the implications of such a move. The two primary opinions among commentators are that Russia has scrambled to abandon Syria and/or that [as a result], the green light has been given for possible intervention by other state actors, specifically America and it’s allies.

The use of the word “evacuate” in Russia Today’s article compounds the panicked response by readers, who assume Russia’s decision, whenever it was made, was in a scramble to abandon Syria in a surrender to international pressure. Additionally, the Western media promoted view of a Syrian government with it’s back against the wall, it’s days numbered and as a “sinking ship”, further solidifies the inappropriate perceptions and responses.

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