Ohio, a bellwether swing state, is going for Trump and other battleground states will likely follow suit, according to expert analysis.

Hillary Clinton has already given up on Ohio after struggling to attract crowds and even volunteers in the state, as Infowars reported in a series of videos.

The New York Times is even covering up for Hillary’s Ohio collapse by claiming the state is “no longer relevant,” despite declaring Ohio an “all-important state” critical to the election when Hillary was leading there only three months before.

Ohio is a useful microcosm of the nation as a whole, and if Hillary is collapsing in Ohio, then she’s collapsing nationwide – and Ohio reveals which candidate the other swing states will likely support.

“If Ohio drifts right, so does the rest of the nation – when it drifts left, so does the nation with it,” said Seth Keshel with the Convention of States Project. “With the lone exception of the dramatic 2000 election finale [decided by the Supreme Court], Florida has voted to the right of Ohio in all six elections since 1992.”

“If Trump is up so big in Ohio that it’s thought to be in the bag, I have a difficult time believing that Florida, on a right-swinging year on the political pendulum at that, is not going for him as well, especially given the absentee ballot request differential favoring the GOP.”

Additionally, North Carolina is not enthusiastic about Hillary; she’s struggling with the state’s young voters and African-Americans in particular when compared to previous Democratic candidates.

President Obama won the state in 2008 with the help of the state’s sizable African-American community; Hillary, on the other hand, has the lowest support among blacks as a Democratic presidential candidate since 1960 with only 73%.

Before Hillary, the lowest since 1960 was Jimmy Carter with 83% during the 1980 election, which he lost to Ronald Reagan.

“A right-tilting Ohio does not historically correlate with a left-tilting Florida and North Carolina in a right-swinging election against a scandal-ridden establishment candidate who lacks youth support and will never gain the same volume of minority support as the man she is seeking to replace,” added Keshel. “The media is playing us for fools.”

Trump also has an advantage in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa, all of which went to Obama in 2012 and all of which are full of blue-collar workers who have experienced unemployment due to globalist economic policies Trump has attacked.

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