Protesters describing themselves as “anarchists” clashed with police last night during “anti-capitalist” demonstrations while wearing ‘Anonymous’ masks made in third world sweatshops.

The ‘Million Mask March’, which took place in major cities across America and Europe yesterday, ended with dozens of arrests and violent clashes between police and protesters. In London, police cars were set on fire and fireworks were thrown at horses.

Demonstrators wore ‘Anonymous’ Guy Fawkes masks made popular by the movie V For Vendetta. As the International Business Times reports, the reality behind the masks is that, “some of them appear to be manufactured in what appears to be a third-world sweatshop.”

“The series shows hundreds of “Anonymous masks” making their way along assembly lines, while laborers work to ensure they are manufactured properly,” states the report. “The photos do not depict horrendous work conditions by any means, but it’s a sign of the times that props that are supposed to be a symbol of the resistance are actually made in South American factories by workers who themselves are likely suffering under the negative impacts of the globalized capitalistic system that Anonymous often rails against.”

The irony of so-called “anarchists” decrying capitalism while proudly wearing symbols that represent what many would argue is one of the worst aspects of capitalism was obviously lost on the demonstrators.

Presumably, the protesters were also grateful that centralized socialist economic planning was able to provide them with the iPhones and social media platforms via which to express their opinion of how much capitalism sucks.

The protesters were also rallying against government austerity cuts which target the poor, obviously a primary concern for this rioter who set a police car alight while wearing a £500 jacket.

The reality is that many of the “anarchists” who identify with ‘Anonymous’ are not anarchists at all. Anarchism is supposed to be a movement focused on eliminating the state altogether.

These people are socialists who want higher taxes and bigger government, with crippling restrictions on the very free market that allows them to broadcast their grievances in the first place.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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