If you’ve watched The History Channel, you know that “ancient aliens” probably built the Pyramids and Stonehenge and maybe the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (and why wouldn’t little green men have little green thumbs?)

Of course, if you watch The History Channel, you also know that Adolf Hitler may have escaped Germany via U-boat and was spotted 1950 working as a volunteer starter at a Venezuelan golf course. At the long-abandoned Lebensraum Country Club, researchers have found SS-logo tees and a novelty mug reading, “A Bad Day on the Fairway Beats a Good Day in the Bunker.”

You may also be aware that Bigfoot guards pirates’ treasure at the bottom of a bottomless well on Oak Island. And that finding a saddle bolt from a 1916 Indian motorcycle beneath a pile of rat droppings turns on the American Pickers guys in ways that don’t seem quite wholesome.

In short, not much you see on the History Channel these days is worth spit as history, and the History Channel is about the only place you see this garbage. So why would academics spend time developing theories about (and liberal magazines devote pages to) ancient aliens? Because (wait for it!) racism.

On the site Hyperallergic, author Sarah E. Bond tells readers that recent archeological discoveries are more proof against the “long-held but fringe theory that the blocks were so heavy and the distances they would have to travel so lengthy that aliens must have built the pyramids.” She then goes on to devote more than 2,000 words to the “fringe theory.”

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