Kurt Nimmo
July 31, 2010

Andy Griffith is telling seniors “good things are coming” under Obamacare. The actor, who played the sheriff of Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show in the 1960s, says retiring Baby Boomers can expect free preventive checkups and lower-cost prescriptions when they become Medicare recipients. Griffith was paid with Medicare money to shill the program.

Polls, however, show seniors are overwhelmingly skeptical of Obamacare. Medicare will be cut to the bone over the next decade in order to provide Obamacare to the uninsured. 60% of seniors 65 and older oppose Obamacare, according to Gallup. They know Medicare will institute rationing and denial of healthcare.

In the tax payer funded ad Griffith says he thinks seniors will like Obamacare. He does not mention the fact many doctors hate it. According to a New England Journal of Medicine survey, 46.3% of primary care physicians believe Obamacare will either force them out of medicine or make them want to abandon the profession.

An alarming number of physicians say they will no longer accept Medicare patients because the government doesn’t reimburse them enough to cover the cost of care. In response, Congress voted to cut Medicare doctor payments by an additional 21.3 percent. “It is, frankly, inconceivable that Medicare is beginning to reimburse doctors at a 21% cut over their already below-cost payment level,” the Alliance for Speciality Medicine said in June.

Doctors routinely complain about the government delaying payment on Medicare claims. “Doctors who serve high numbers of Medicare patients say they are defaulting on rent, laying off staff and begging drug suppliers not to stop shipments. One cardiologist said she’s even resorted to doing the office laundry to cut costs,” reported the Los Angeles Times in 2008, well before Obamacare sailed through Congress.

Congress knows cutting pay will produce a dramatic reduction of physician participation in Medicare and will result in widespread rationing under Obamacare.

Earlier this month it was reported that Obama would make a recess appointment of Donald Berwick to head up the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the federal bureaucracy that administers the Medicare program and works with state governments to administer Medicaid. Berwick is an advocate healthcare rationing.

Berwick is fond of he UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. However, according to British MEP Daniel Hannan, Britain’s National Health Service “produces some of the worst health outcomes in the industrialized world. Britain is the Western state where you’d least want to have cancer or a stroke or heart disease. Ours is now a country where thousands of people are killed in hospitals for reasons unrelated to their original condition.”

Obamacare will transfer the healthcare industry over to the social engineers who believe the elderly have outlived their social utility. “From a series of statements by [Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama’s health czar] it is apparent that he, and many others in positions of power, conclude that the elderly have lived their lives and it is time for them to move on, especially if they are costing the state money,” writes Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

Obamacare with its rationing schemes and philosophy of social utility, writes Blaylock, is akin to Nazism. “This is not really that far away from the German National Socialist Party’s thinking, which referred to those with no social utility as ‘useless eaters’ and the disabled, chronically ill and incurables as ‘life unworthy of life.'”

“We can honestly say that it was the labor of our seniors that built this great country, so how can be betray them now? Even worse is that we are telling them that we don’t even care that they are suffering during their last days and that they are aware that relief of their suffering exist, but they cannot have it – the money, they are told, would be better spent on educational programs, studies of global climate change and a plethora of other socialist dreams.”

Obamacare is a eugenics program operating under the cover of a socialist dream. The ruling elite are not socialist dreamers — they are hardcore psychopaths and control freaks who indeed consider most of us as little more than useless eaters and are working methodically behind the scenes to implement a plan designed to drastically reduce world population.

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“It is important to keep in mind that those supporting these draconian eugenic programs were not disgruntled dreamers cogitating in some New York coffee house, they were men and women of high social rank, intellectuals, presidents of major universities, policymakers, corporate heads and even presidents of the United States. These were people in positions of power and influence who could enforce these dreams of a Utopian society and that made them very dangerous,” writes Dr. Blaylock.

It is not a mistake Andy Griffith — the fair-minded and even-handed small town sheriff portrayed on television — was selected to sell Obamacare. Griffith occupies a place in the Madison Avenue created 60s pantheon of mythological figures cherished by many Baby Boomers. Due to this status he was hired to sell eugenics disguised as “free” healthcare to a crushing tidal wave of retirees who were inundated with “Great Society” propaganda in the 1960s. Many believe government is beneficent and loving when in fact it is a murderous leviathan that has over the span of a century killed hundreds of millions of people and enslaved untold millions more.

The elite allowed the United States to develop the most productive and creative society in history following the Second World War. Now the elite are systematically destroying the United States and exploiting its advanced technology to turn the planet into a sprawling slave gulag. In the Brave New World envisioned by the globalists, there is no place for the concept of retirement and no room for millions of retirees who were sold a bill of goods only to have it vanish.

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