Today at 2:15pm EDT President Obama is holding a year-end press conference.  Immediately following the press conference Obama will head off to Hawaii for his traditional Christmas/New Year family vacation.


With the specifics of this date and timing in mind, it is rumored that President Obama may deliver a message actually promoting the vast Russian election conspiracy.  The intent therein would be to severely undermine the incoming presidency of Donald Trump.  The electoral college votes on Monday, December 19th.

The severity of Obama’s delivery today, specifically his willingness to stir antagonism and create a media-fueled crisis, will be a key indicator for political observers to gauge how concerned both he and his administration officials are about the risk of Donald Trump.

There has been some speculation if President Obama -or his close inner circle- fear they will be investigated for their activity while in charge of the executive branch, they will try to manufacture a crisis, divide the nation, and force President Trump to back down for the greater good of the nation.

Whether this can be, or would be, a successful exit strategy to avoid repercussions is an  unknown variable.

It would be worthwhile to watch this press conference closely. It’s a guarantee the institutional black hats and the institutional white hats will be tuned in…

The Anger GamesObama_Binoculats_Idiocracydarth%20soros

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