Kurt Nimmo
June 10, 2010

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Even the foundation sponsored socialists are mad at the government.

On Tuesday a few of them gave Madame Pelosi a piece of their mind during a “America’s Future Now” conference sponsored by Campaign for America’s Future, a branch of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Code Pink harangued Pelosi with demands Democrats make good on their promise to steal from the producers and give to their constituency. So-called progressives are angry because the “stimulus” is too small, their version of Obamacare was not implemented, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are ongoing.

It should be obvious by now — even to “far left” Democrats — that the federal government has no intention of implementing their socialist fairy tale paradise.

Obama is a teleprompter reader in service to Wall Street and his administration is staffed with Goldman Sachs, CFR, Trilateral, Federal Reserve, and Bilderberg operatives.

Obama and crew will not steal from the rich — in other words, the diminishing middle class — and give to the poor. The plan is to steal from all Americans and give to the elite and the mega-rich banksters and their cronies.

Even Code Pink, SEIU, the Communist Party USA, and other “progressives” at the event seem to be finally figuring this out.

November should indeed be interesting.

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