The Chicago prosecutor who dropped 16 felony charges against actor Jussie Smollett is a puppet of leftist billionaire George Soros, according to conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Kim Foxx announced that Smollett would not be charged for lying to Chicago Police over a hate crime he alleged was perpetrated by white Trump supporters because he already served “community service.”

“Oh, I see. Kim Foxx, the Chicago prosecutor who dropped Jussie Smollett charges was put there by George Soros,” Coulter tweeted Tuesday.

Coulter linked to a local news story detailing Foxx’s connection to Soros through her Super PAC called Illinois Safety & Justice.

“But Kim Foxx has also found two other sources of cash, in the form of twin $300,000 donations to a Super PAC supporting her called Illinois Safety & Justice,” the Chicagoist reported.

“The sole donors to the PAC are neoliberal superdonor and conservative-boogeyman George Soros and a “dark-money” group called Civic Participation Action Fund.”

Foxx came under scrutiny earlier this month after asking the Chicago Police Department to turn over Smollett’s case to the FBI at the behest of Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff Tina Tchen.

She recused herself from the case after the story broke that she’d exchanged texts with Smollett’s relatives, but that didn’t assuage Chicago’s police union, who called for an investigation into Foxx.

It remains to be seen if Smollett will face federal charges regarding a hate letter he purportedly wrote to himself that was filled with a white powder that was later determined to be crushed aspirin, but law experts expressed their doubts.

“As a practical matter, I don’t think there is any realistic chance that will happen,” said former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti in February.


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