Ann Coulter told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday that if the left can get away with preventing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination over Christine Blasey Ford’s spurious accusations “then you have CNN running the country.”

“It’s not even just the Democrats running the country,” Coulter said, “it’s the media running the country because this allegation could be made against anyone at anytime, it’s absolutely non-disprovable.”

“As long as you are a presumed white male Republican, whether it’s the Duke lacrosse case, or that dastardly Haven Monahan in the Rolling Stone story about the frat boys gang raping the gal — the whole thing turned out to be a fake, there is no Haven Monahan — or now a lot of the statements about Brett Kavanaugh … if you fit the narrative, you are guilty and there’s no coming back from that,” Coulter said.

“Any white male can be accused with an evidence-free accusation like this,” Coulter said.

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