Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter issued another stark warning to the Justice Department and FBI who now have British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell in custody: get her to talk now before she suffers the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein.

Coulter tweeted out a New York Post article detailing Maxwell’s transfer to a New York jail ahead of a Friday court date, with word that she could eventually be housed in the same prison billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died in last year.

“Oh, that sounds safe. AG Bill Barr: You want to prevent another ‘suicide’ on your watch, like we’re a 3rd world country? GET GHISLAINE ON TAPE TONIGHT. Don’t wait. Get all her info NOW,” Coulter tweeted Monday.

The FBI arrested the Epstein accomplice last week after raiding her Connecticut estate.

A source told the Post that the FBI is keen to ensure another Epstein “debacle” doesn’t happen.

“After the debacle with Epstein, nothing can happen to her,” the source said, adding that Maxwell would likely get a reduced sentence if “she has proof which will lead to the conviction of bigger fish.”

Coulter’s warning is notable given she was one of the first to warn about the probability of Epstein dying in the Metropolitan Correctional Center just weeks before he was found in his cell dead with a bed sheet wrapped around his neck.

“Dear Bureau of Prisons: Please get Jeffrey Epstein to a super Max prison pronto, or the people who want him dead will make sure we never know the truth. ACT NOW!” she tweeted.

Coulter noted that Epstein’s intricate surveillance systems embedded in his New York, Virgin Islands, and New Mexico homes point to a “state sponsored” blackmail scheme, meaning very powerful people have a good reason to want Epstein – and now Maxwell – dead.





Paul Joseph Watson guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell and what it means for their Mossad connection.

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