Kurt Nimmo
November 5, 2012

The hacker collective Anonymous claims it has released confidential customer information filched from PayPal’s servers as part of its November 5th global day of protest in honor of Guy Fawkes Day.

PayPal disputes the claim. “We’re investigating this but to date we have been unable to find any evidence that validates this claim,” the global e-commerce business said.

Anonymous has also attacked NBC (including Lady Gaga’s fansite), ImageShack, Symantec and the Australian government. The developer website CrytoCC was also attacked.

The ImageShack hack exposed all of the company’s files online while the Symantec hack revealed phone numbers, emails, domains, passwords and usernames.

The hackster collective’s Twitter accounts announced the hacks and are linking to document dumps. It claims hacks beginning on Sunday are “just the beginning of doc dumps and defacements for its day of protest. News of the protest is being shared on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pastebin,” Violet Blue writes for Cnet News.

Anonymous plans a march on the British Parliament “peacefully and unarmed,” according to the Operation Vendetta Facebook page. A video supposedly posted by Anonymous last month said the group plans to “storm the White House and Congress in an attempt to arrest government officials the day before the presidential election,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote on October 24.

“This is the centerpiece of a worldwide Anonymous operation of global strength and solidarity, a warning to all governments worldwide that if they keep trying to censor, cut, imprison, or silence the free world or the free internet they will not be our governments for much longer,” the Facebook message states.

Anonymous has not explained how stealing information from commercial websites and releasing it on the internet represents a threat to government.

Increased pranksterism by the shadowy group arrives as Congress prepares to revisit cyber security legislation following the election on Tuesday, November 6.

Obama has signaled he may sign an executive order that would “direct U.S. spy agencies to share the latest intelligence about cyberthreats with companies operating electric grids, water plants, railroads and other vital industries to help protect them from electronic attacks,” we reported on October 25.

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