Jacob Kleinman
March 10, 2012

Anonymous hacktivists announced via Twitter that they had successfully hacked the website of New York Iron Works, a police-equipment supplier, and replaced the homepage with a tribute of love to arrested hacker and Chicagoan Jeremy Hammond. Anonymous also claimed responsibility for several other hacks on March 8, including knocking Peruvian government website http://policiainformatica.gob.pe/ offline, and posting the personal information of FBI agents in a public online message board in what they called “Operation Piggy Bank.”

New York Iron Works was founded in 1995 and sells police equipment and gear, as well as tactical clothing and accessories including flashlights and weapon lights. Its website is currently offline and not displaying anything, but the homepage was used this morning by Anonymous to display their own message as well as a YouTube video showing the final minutes of cult-film “Fight Club,” in which a group of American terrorists led by a schizophrenic protagonist played by Edward Norton/Brad Pitt blow up the headquarters of several banks. Anonymous also posted what appeared to be hundreds of usernames and passwords, suggesting that the hackers had not only taken control of the homepage, but accessed the website’s servers.

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