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June 8, 2010

Last night on our radio show the “Decompression Session” we broke the updates from our reporter in the Gulf, confirming the presence of troops(not the coast guard) in the area. This report has now been confirmed by multiple sources. We are anxiously waiting for Roberts video and photo evidence. Also there are reports of no oil on the beaches and reports that the Coast Guard stated there was no oil on the beaches. At the same time we are getting reports from locals that they are all getting very ill and that oil is everywhere. After the updates from our reporter Robert Rutherford on last nights show, it took a twist.

Richie Vehas a reporter for the St. James News Examiner called into the show. On Sunday May 3oth, Richie took a drive on a whim to Grand Isle, Louisiana. He passed a roadblock and was stopped by law enforcement. Law enforcement went on to say that he can not go into the area and that the press will be here in 30 minutes. At that point Richie said he knew it was a staged press event for the corporate media.

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Richie went to grab a bite to eat and returned 30 minutes later. The authorities then ushered him and the mainstream media to a small contained area of the beach. They told every one to stay together, Richie reported. Halliburton was present as well.  ”Less than one acre of beach” Richie stated. Military, Coast Guard and ARMY were present. “There was visible oil in the contained area and in the waters around the area” Richie said.

He went on to say how the military was acting very funny, and things seemed out of place. The reporter stated how “there was acres and acres of untouched beach as far as the eye could see outside of the contained area”. He stated that “If I was to leave the contained area or try to cross I would have been arrested on site”.

Richie stated that if he asked questions about BP or the oil rig they would deny him an answer. They stated that they could not talk about that.

Also Richie’s friend Allen earlier photographed 5 armored HUMVEE’s with 50 cals on them. Confirming our reports of activity in the area.

The major question that needs to be answered is this. Is this oil spill so big that they have to close off most of the area to reporters or is this spill being blown out of proportion and if reporters were able to go where they wanted, would they see that oil wasn’t everywhere? According to reports this spill is horrible, that being said, it makes you wonder when the authorities refuse to let journalists investigate.

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