No sooner do Jeh and the boys at the DHS say ISIS will attack the Mall of America — well, maybe, who knows, could be — the FBI trots out its latest gaggle of terrorists.

One of the dupes went so far as to say he’d kill Obama, never mind the complete implausibility and stupidity of the remark.

Note the phrasing of this. He “acknowledged” his intention to the FBI. In the past, such “acknowledgments” were stated by crackpots with mental issues coaxed and wheedled by informants looking for favorable treatment in criminal cases.

One supposed terrorist apparently lived with his mother.

The basement dwelling would-be terrorist said he would buy a “machine gun” and kill cops. He was apparently unaware this is not possible in the United States without a federal license.

Apparently realizing buying a machine gun is not possible — maybe with FBI informant coaching — he said he would use a handgun instead.

He then said he would kill go to FBI headquarters and kill FBI employees. Never mind with the security there he probably wouldn’t get in the parking lot.

The corporate media, as usual, is reporting this fantasy tale as a real terrorist plot.

Of course, as usual — never mind the headlines — the media threw in a now standard caveat:

Law enforcement officials say any potential homegrown threat was aspirational, not operational, but authorities moved in because they believed the suspects’ plans to travel abroad were imminent and their alleged intent to join ISIS real. Agents had been tracking the men for about 18 months.

The corporate media does not put two and two together, even when their colleagues report the facts. For instance, The New York Times reporting the FBI routinely cobbles together bogus terror plots.

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