The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants
December 29, 2009

I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want everyone to remember why they need us!

How impudent we Americans have become, with our “tea parties”, marching on Washington, demanding smaller government, trying to abolish the private Federal Reserve, demanding government get out of our lives, becoming tired of endless war. Who do we think we are?

Well, they’re not going to let us get away with it. They’re going to remind us why we need them. Why they must take more control. Why we need to be degraded and humiliated further. Oh, and they want to bomb more Muslim countries. That will make them stop participating in this government-run black op. Plus, everybody loves a good bombing. It looks like oh so much fun watching it live on Fox News, and you never have to worry about the controlled media showing the mangled bodies of women and children and elderly, who deserve to die anyway because they’re not Americans. And when the families and friends of the dead, or the fortunate survivors of our bombs, decide to seek vengeance for the murder of their loved ones, well they’ll just be more terrorists that we have to kill in order to keep the heimat safe.

[efoods]Meanwhile, it wasn’t degrading and humiliating enough for the TSA to pull grandma out of line to make her take off her shoes to make sure she’s not another shoe bomber, or have your teenage daughter or your girlfriend or wife felt up by some tax feeding pervert, no. The government put on a show for you Christmas day, and now they will punish you for their crime. They will make you miserable for their purposeful negligence. You or I aren’t allowed to bring a fish hook on board a plane – and if the statist shills in the media have their way, you won’t be allowed to bring perfume or cologne on board either (this is all liberals’ fault, don’t you know?) – yet this patsy was able to board with explosives that are easily detectable, partially contained inside a syringe. You or I need how many forms of ID to get on a plane, yet this person was escorted past security by an unknown person, without any identification or passport, on an international flight. There are well over 1.3 million people on the TSA no-fly list, who have not been charged with a crime, yet this person, with supposed terror connections – his own father throws him under the bus – was on a watch list but not the no-fly list. No, this wasn’t a black op at all. It was al Qaeda, which isn’t really the CIA, trying to scare you again. And the government, which knew this was coming yet, we are to believe, just dropped the ball – totally benign negligence – would have you believe that they can keep you safe now, this time, if only you’ll degrade and humiliate yourself further and give up more liberty and privacy. Just a little more, they swear. It’s FYOG. Hey, freedom isn’t free.

So, it wasn’t convenient at all that this kamikaze hid his “bomb” in his underpants. As if that were the determining factor that allowed him to sneak past security undetected. Now, if only you’ll give up these quaint, antiquated notions (see also here, here, here, here, here…) of a right to be secure in your persons, houses, papers, and effects, and allow them to put millimeter wave scanners in airports so some worthless TSA slob can examine you naked, the government can stop this kind of terrorism, which is of their own making, once and for all. That is, until the people realize it’s all a sham, a theatrical performance, used as justification to oppress them and bomb foreigners, at which point the government will just put on another show to remind us all that we’re slaves, and should keep our mouths shut and our faces in the mud. That’s freedom, baby. Love it or leave it.

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