A 40-year-old Ecuadorian man illegally living in The United States and recently arrested for sexually abusing a child was apprehended by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers March 6.

ICE.gov reports, “Edgar Vinicio Guzman-Borja was arrested by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Feb. 2, on the charges of sexual abuse 1st degree: contact with victim less than 13 and act in manner to injure child less than 17.”

“Officers assigned to ERO New York’s Criminal Alien Program lodged a detainer with the NYCDOC,” the website continues. “As a result of New York City’s sanctuary policies, Guzman-Borja was subsequently arraigned and released from the custody of the NYCDOC without the detainer being honored.”

Guzman-Borja was arrested in Queens, New York and is currently being held in ICE custody.

The alleged child molester will likely be removed from the country after appearing before a federal immigration judge.

“This individual has pending charges of sexual abuse of a child, yet per sanctuary city policies, he was released back into the community and given an opportunity to possibly reoffend, instead of being turned over to ICE,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ERO New York.

“Despite the lack of cooperation from the city and their resolve to release criminal aliens, even those charged with sexual offenses against children back onto city streets, ICE continues to enforce the laws on this nation as imposed by Congress with professionalism and integrity,” he continued.

“Hopefully, for the safety of the residents, especially the children, the city will start to honor our detainers and stop protecting the criminals.”

Horrific crimes like this are committed by illegal aliens every day in America and Democrat-run cities’ sanctuary policies continue to let them walk free while the men and women of ICE work to get them off our streets.

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