Kurt Nimmo
April 8, 2009

Max Blumenthal has joined the slander campaign against Alex Jones in the wake of Richard Poplawski’s murder rampage in Pittsburgh. Max is the son of former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal. He is widely published on liberal websites and is a research fellow for Media Matters for America, the website spawned by the former neocon David Brock, who describes himself as a “hit man” for all things Democrat.

Media Matters takes money from groups affiliated with the globalist George Soros.

Brock and Media Matters take money from groups affiliated with the globalist George Soros, the hedge fund manager who is “dedicated to transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist hive,” according to the neocon Richard Poe (it will be a “socialist hive” at the behest of the bankers, and certainly not for fossilized communists and SDS throwbacks, although Poe does not say that).

Blumenthal brings up the fact the mental case Poplawski had visited and posted on Alex Jones’ Infowars website. As we noted previously, Infowars has an open comment section and anybody can post, so long as they do not threaten violence or post pornography — and that includes Stormfront neanderthals who think Zionists and Jews control the world. Blumenthal and others neglect to mention that Poplawski’s posts (count ’em, three short posts) were critical of Jones because he didn’t blame the Jews for the New World Order. It bears repeating: Poplawski was an Alex Jones critic, he was not a supporter.

For the agenda wielding libs, this does not matter. “While Alex Jones generally avoids overt racism, he has found an eager audience on Stormfront by conjuring dark visions of an impending New World Order, claiming FEMA is secretly building a national concentration camp network, and announcing that President Barack Obama has planned mass gun seizures on his way to establishing a leftist dictatorship. ‘Remember, the first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens,’ warned a March 13 commentary on Jones’ website, Prison Planet,” writes Blumenthal.

Notice how Jones merely “avoids” racism when in fact he has repeatedly denounced it. Blumenthal would have us believe the New World is some kind of paranoid fantasy when as of late dozens of world leaders (including lib hero Obama) and establishment newspapers have called for it in response to the banker created economic crisis. Libs are deaf to this, of course, because they are not opposed to world government, so long as it is administered by Democrats. It does not register on their radar because they are statists who believe there is nothing wrong with forcing “conservatives” (and everybody else) to accept their mandate for “change” (put forth by a man that has packed his administration with CFR members and Trilats).

Reading Blumenthal, you begin to see a pattern. He is following the path carved out earlier by David Neiwert and the ADL:

In the Obama era, Jones’ conspiracy theories have graduated to primetime on Fox News. And radicals like Poplawski are tuning in. Indeed, according to the Anti-Defamation League, the alleged killer posted a YouTube clip to Stormfront of top-rated Fox News host Glenn Beck contemplating the existence of FEMA-managed concentration camps. (“He backed out,” Poplawski wrote cryptically beside the video.) Three weeks later, Poplawski posted another Youtube clip to Stormfront, this time of a video blogger advocating “Tea Parties,” or grassroots conservative protests organized by Beck and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich against President Barack Obama’s bailout plan.

[efoods]Blumenthal seems unaware (or possibly ignoring) the fact that Beck has since “debunked” the existence of FEMA camps. Glenn Beck is a corporate media shill and a seasoned disinformation operative. His boss backed Hillary Clinton for president, thus demonstrating there is no difference between Fox News or CNN or MSNBC — they all support the ruling elite and all the hubbub over Rush Limbaugh and the supposed sharp divisions between Democrats and Republicans, played out over the airwaves, is nothing but an orchestrated circus sideshow designed to distract.

Blumenthal’s transparent attempt to associate grassroots anti-tax tea parties to the nut case Poplawski is cynical to the core. The tea party movement sincerely alarms libs, so much so they have decided (with Soros money) to sabotage demonstrations held around the country (see ACORN, Huffington Post Plan to Disrupt Tax Day Tea Parties). Obama’s liberals are Stalinist to the core and are not beyond dirty tricks to maintain power and the cult of personality of their leader.

Newt Gingrich is right about Obama’s bailout plan, even though Newt is a statist and warmongering crackpot who had no problem with Bush’s doubling of the deficit in order to kill over a million hapless Iraqis and feed no-bid contracts to his corporate buddies. It’s not the money stolen from taxpayers Newt’s up in arms about. It’s the fact a Democrat has control of the purse strings and not his psychopathic compatriots. Newt dances to the tune of the false right-left paradigm with all the rest of them.

For Jones, whatever bad publicity he incurred from a fan’s alleged killing spree paled in significance to the sudden cachet he has gained among conservative media bigwigs. During his April 6 broadcast, two days after the murders, he boasted, “Now, if you listen to [Sean] Hannity’s show, if you listen to Savage; you listen to Limbaugh, it’s almost like Alex Jones is hosting the show.”

Leave it to a propaganda dilettante to not tell the rest of the story. Alex has repeatedly pointed out the fact Savage, Hannity, and the rest are now talking about the New World Order because it is part of their government-issued talking points, not because they have suddenly seen the light. It’s like a snake eating its own tail — the hypocritical neocons oppose Obama for jacking up the debt (while their hero did likewise) and ushering in “socialism” (for the bankers not the fossilized Marxists) while the neolibs portray the drug addict Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican party and attempt to attribute the violent actions of a disturbed individual to “conservatives” opposed to the unprecedented statism of Obama (who is merely doing the bidding of the bankers, who also control the neocons).

It is essential for both sides to demonize Alex Jones and the non-partisan opposition to the leviathan now emerging at the behest of the international bankers. If Max Blumenthal has to be disingenuous and tell lies by omission — making Alex Jones out to be the latest poster child of Fox News while not mentioning Alex’s criticism of the neocon network — he will do so at the drop of a dime.

In the weeks ahead we can expect all of this demonization to reach a crescendo and result in a demand for a return to the Fairness Doctrine in order to censor “hate” over the airwaves. It won’t be the Fairness Doctrine, though, because it was long ago discredited. It will be Obama’s minions in the FCC imposing regulations designed to wipe the opposition — especially the serious opposition represented by Alex Jones — off the map.

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