August 31, 2009

soylent green

The cops in Newport Beach, California, have joined countless other federalized and militarized police forces around the country with the introduction of “The Peace Keeper,” a 9,000-pound armored vehicle. “Here’s some advice from police,” reports the Daily Pilot. “When you see this thing rolling down the street, go inside and lock your doors.”

It’s said this combat vehicle is “just-in-case situations,” although no further explanation is provided. The vehicle “is capable of withstanding rifle fire. Theoretically, it can also withstand fragmentation grenades,” according to Joseph Serna of the Daily Pilot.

Fragmentation grenades? How many citizens have grenades? Do the cops in California expect us to believe gang-bangers and other assorted potentially violent criminals have RPGs and large caliber machineguns?

More likely, the police in Newport added a second armored vehicle — they also have a retrofitted Brinks armored truck — not to deal with crack dealers armed with Glocks or even Mac-10s, but to respond when angry mobs of citizens take to the street.

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