Kurt Nimmo
March 29, 2010

Yet another poll reveals the obvious — large numbers of Americans oppose Obamacare. “A Mason-Dixon poll of Florida voters released over the weekend offers the dose of cold water Democrats may need to temper their expectations on health care’s electoral impact,” writes Politico.

Obama plans to “balance the budget” (owed to bankers) on the backs of the elderly and retiring Baby Boomers.

“Only 34 percent of Florida voters support the new law while 54 percent are against it, according to the poll. Opposition is significantly strong among two crucial blocs: those older than 65 and voters with no party affiliation,” reports the Miami Herald. “Seniors disfavor the bill by a 65-25 percent margin, while independents oppose the law 62-34. The poll, conducted last week, is the first to be taken in Florida since Obama signed the healthcare reform bill into law. It shows that Floridians have a more negative than positive view of Obama by a margin of 15 percentage points. And they oppose his so-called ‘cap-and-trade’ global warming legislation as well as the new healthcare law.”

Only Obamatrons chanting “yes we can” — screw the American people, especially the old — support the legislation. Seniors oppose it because Obama and the Democrats plan to roll back Medicare and begin rationing health care. Obama plans to “balance the budget” (owed to bankers) on the backs of the elderly and retiring Baby Boomers.

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Smart Floridians also oppose “cap and trade” because they see it for what it is — a massive tax increase and a cynical move by the federal government to capture more power and impose its authoritarian directives on the American people — from green cops to home inspections and beyond, all of it under the globalist supervision of the United Nations and Agenda 21.

Polls, of course, are notoriously inaccurate. Even so, millions of Americans — participating in large protests and sending a tidal wave of phone calls and emails sent to Congress and the White House — are opposed to Obamacare.

If you watch the “news” on MSNBC and CNN, though, you’d get the impression only rightwing extremists and racists oppose Obama’s totalitarian care.

Obama and the Democrats don’t care what the American people think.

Next up: immigration “reform” — legalizing illegal aliens, thus inviting millions more to cross the border — and a “cap and trade” scheme that will eventually reduce the once great United States to another third world serfdom.

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