Potentially the “most exciting new treatment for depression in years” is how the New York times is reporting the results of a new, medical study to assess the effects of the popular, hallucinogen drug, ketamine, on mood disorders.

Ketamine or “Special K” as it is nicknamed on the street, is one of the new generation of party drugs. Its hallucinogenic effects give out-of-body experiences, but it has also been found to be surprisingly effective in reducing depression and doing so far more quickly than traditional medications.

Other studies carried out by highly-respected mental health centres like Yale, Mount Sinai and the National Institute of Mental Health back up the new findings.

The New York Times quotes Harry M. Tracy, the publisher of the newsletter NeuroPerspective, who said,“It’s definitely the most promising compound in the depression space in terms of effect and durability,” Ketamine seems to act within hours of being taking, rather up to a month’s wait with current, pharmaceutical treatments.

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