Alex Jones & Matt Ryan
July 19, 2010


In another show of incredible determination, we have managed to fight back censorship and tyranny with truth by getting “Google Spies” to the top searched term of July 19, 2010. This is one of several victories that have been accomplished thanks to our amazing listeners and readers. This is a direct assault on the cover-up being pulled on the American people by the cartel of elite corporations.

Mainstream news, popular blogs and talk shows regularly refer to Google trends for topics and for the past few days the leading stories have been The Obama Deception, Infowars, Fall of the Republic, Google Censorship and most recently Google Spies. This is a major blow to the establishment and with you help we can keep the truth on top of nonsensical topics like Lindsey Lohan’s legal troubles.

On behalf of everyone at Infowars, thank you again for your continued support in the fight against censorship and tyranny. This couldn’t be accomplished without you.

We are monitoring this as we have noticed trending topics relating to our efforts have been removed in the past. We will keep you informed of the latest developments as things progress.

Update: “Google Spies” has been removed from Google Trends as a hot search within a half-hour of the attached screenshot being taken.


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