April 7, 2010

Real soon here in the Colorado high country, the winter white will give way to ‘green’ as the days get longer. We’re all casting up our pick of date and time when the Dillon Reservoir will officially begin it’s annual thaw. Heck, the melt and mud season will be upon us before you know it.  With all this, just like clockwork, springtime also signals the beginning of the annual  “Human Caused Climate Change Debate” here in Summit Daily News-land. I figured I’d get a head start this year with a factual scientific perspective before the debate tumbles into the left/right, Big-oil/Greenpeace, political fracas it usually becomes.

Here goes…

Fact: In 1998 a huge group of scientists began a concerted effort to challenge the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN-IPCC, scientifically. You see, the IPCC in a political/quasi-scientific way, seeks to tax the people of the Earth for CO2 emissions, and blame Earth’s natural long cycle climate changes on humanity as well.

Because of this challenge the group of concerned scientists has gone virtually unreported in the mainstream media — they are the Global Warming Petition Project, the GWPP. All signers onto the project must be scientists with at least a Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited school.  There are over 31,500 signatories so far, 9000 or so with PhD and over 12,000 work directly in climate related fields.

Now to the meat…

Fact: The IPCC and proponents of man made climate change, prattle on about polar bears drowning because of humanities evil CO2. They also go on about island nations like Tuvalu being flooded as result of “humanity’s deadly emissions.” Yet the data shows that the sea level world wide was actually much higher as were CO2 levels, during the Medieval Climate Optimum from 750AD to 1500AD. During this time the average ocean temperature reached a maximum 24.2 degrees C in 1200AD. Then a long term solar cooling spawned the Little Ice Age which at it’s coldest around 1750AD, dropped the ocean temperatures to 21.8 degrees C. This is the period when the Thames, the Delaware, and Hudson rivers froze over completely every winter.

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The Earth’s climate has always cycled with the Sun being the primary driving factor. We are now in a solar warming trend and the data predicts a long cycle trend. With the advent of interdisciplinary communication, the sciences have opened much of the climate change complexity to the light of reason and out of the realm of superstition and  fear.  Yet fear is exactly what the UN-IPCC politicians, and their pseudo-scientific “minions” have chosen to foist up. A snake god style operation, with the name “anthropogenic climate change” replete with the scary special effects of melting polar ice caps, giant tidal waves, and flash-frozen cities.

The IPCC has now been unmasked by the GWPP as the political organization it is — complete with it’s world carbon tax agenda/money making scam. We have REAL environmental problems facing us. Issues that  need to be addressed. However, this anthropogenic climate change “thing” into which the Environmental Movement has been hijacked/kidnapped, is obfuscating them. The Movement is plummeting into a black hole of non-issue/pseudoscience, a political quagmire created and orchestrated by the UN-IPCC,

Today as the Sun continues its long cycle warming, the ocean temperature average is slowly rising. It is slightly under the 3,000 year average of  22.92 degrees C, so essentially we are still coming out of the Little Ice Age today. 1000 years ago the Island Tuvalu was almost under water, and will be again as the natural long term warming continues — but just like mud season, it won’t be a result of human causes.

Here is the summery of the 12 page letter that is circulated with the Global Warming Petition Project petition.


For those who wish to peruse the actual letter, here is a link


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