Thanks to your support, Infowars is now taking the fight against our globalist controllers to the next level.

Through your donations and financial support via the Infowars Store, Operation Moneybomb 2015 is now officially a success!

It’s now time to launch syndicated television programming across North America, blasting through the lies of the mainstream media and spreading the message of truth and liberty on a massive scale.

The dinosaur media system is dying and people are ready to hear the truth. For too long we’ve been lied to by government-funded news corporations that continue to feed you the manufactured, false reality of political theater.  

For too long the globalists have dominated all major channels of media inside the United States and abroad.

Thanks to YOU, that’s about to change.

Infowars Is Going to The Next Level

We’ve looked at the numbers and nothing is more hot right now than media that stands for truth, liberty and the fight to reclaim our freedoms. Nothing is hotter than the truth and the elite know it.

Infowars has always been the tip of the spear in the fight against the globalists and our new Infowars satellite is another key leap in waking up millions worldwide.

We estimate that the million dollars in funding we’ve raised through Operation Moneybomb 2015 will help us reach more than 400 million people.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke. Unlike most media broadcasters, I have always chosen to grow the operation in order to reach more people. As a result, the costs of running Infowars each year continue to grow substantially.

With this new satellite launch, closed captioning costs alone are in the tens of thousands of dollars each month. That’s not even including the cost of the satellite, bandwidth, the extra crew needed to run the feeds, upgrading our studios and a lot more.

But instead of choosing to ‘lean’ down the operation like most broadcasters would, I’m going all the way.

I’m committed to the fight to the fight against tyranny and I know you are too. That’s why I am thanking you from my heart for supporting Operation Moneybomb 2015 and helping to reach more than 400 million people worldwide. That’s 400 million people that can be woken up from their dream-like trance put upon them by the mainstream media system.

And to thank those of you who weren’t able to be a part of the Moneybomb this week, I’m extending the Moneybomb free shipping and all of our exclusive discounts until tomorrow night at the Infowars Store.

If you’re receiving this message, YOU are the resistance. Thank you for your support in the Infowar and helping us go to the next level.

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