Keith DeSantis
NH For Liberty
March 25, 2013

New Hampshire gun control bill HB 290-FN, prohibiting an unlicensed person from openly carrying a pistol or revolver in a public building, thankfully died today.

Open carry without a license has always been legal here in New Hampshire. This law would have made it a class b felony to openly carry a pistol or revolver in a “public building” without a license, which is currently only required to carry concealed. It’s important to note that if one were to “conceal carry” without the required pistol/revolver license, a first offense is only a ”misdemeanor”. See TITLE XII Chapter 159 Section 159:4. Furthermore, no long guns were addressed in the bill so an unlicensed person would still be permitted to openly carry a rifle or shotgun in a public building.

This bill would have imposed unnecessary restrictions on your right to keep and bear arms, while providing no benefit to public safety whatsoever.

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