Giant “Hillary for Prison” banners will soon take to the skies during the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia and outside numerous other Hillary Clinton events and rallies – and with your support they can be airborne longer.

This is your chance to get involved in the fight and square off face-to-face with the globalist minion.

Infowars and have teamed up to educate the public regarding presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s inexcusable crimes, after another sign company reneged on a contractural obligation to display the vital message.

download (1)Visit GoFundMe to donate to the “Hillary for Prison” sky banner fund, or click the “Donate Now” button.

Fresh off her email scandal exoneration last week, the former First Lady is poised to take on Republican contender Donald Trump in a battle for the White House.

The Clinton political machine is ruthless, well-oiled and will stop at nothing to gain access to the Oval Office, but with your help we’ll be able to inform more people that Hillary should instead gain access to a prison cell.

With more people waking up to the former Secretary of State’s blatant corruption, and even Google trends asking “Is Hillary Clinton Going to Jail,” the time has never been better to politically jab at the Clintons and undermine their globalist agenda.

Also, you can display your own banner with our “Hillary For Prison” t-shirt.

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