Editor’s note: Infowars would like to clarify – despite many people wearing the shirt – we did not sell our “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts or merchandise at the RNC or DNC. Our popular design was knocked-off, but we support vendor efforts because we’d like to see Hillary brought to justice.

Infowars did, however, hire out a plane to fly a “Hillary for Prison” aerial banner at multiple events, as well as rented a truck to display the banner on roadways.

Profits earned from Infowars “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts are a big part of funding the Infowars operation, and we encourage everyone to visit InfowarsStore.com to pick up your shirt today.

Original Hollywood Reporter article appears below…

“I support Hillary,” says a woman peddling anti-Hillary buttons, bumper stickers and T-shirts (“Life’s a bitch — don’t vote for one”) outside the Republican National Convention in mid-July in Cleveland. “But a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.”

What this particular girl — who declined to give her name — is doing is making a killing, and she’s not the only one. For the four days of Donald Trump’s convention, the streets outside the Quicken Loans Arena were turned into a Marrakech bazaar of Trump-pumping, Hillary-dumping merchandise. There were Trump yard signs, Trump bottled water, Trump breakfast cereal (“They’re Great Again,” it says on the box), endless racks of bright red “Make America Great Again” baseball caps as well as tables full of stuff that maybe should have been sold in brown paper wrappers (a T-shirt, for instance, with caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky that reads, “Hillary Sucks, But Not Like Monica”).

Of course, all elections spawn merchandise — remember Barack Obama action figures? — but the money being made by bashing Hillary, often in extreme ways, is huger than even Trump himself might imagine. And the scores of independent vendors who flocked to the convention in Ohio are just the tip of the iceberg; there is, it turns out, a vast right wing Hillary-hating industry — including an entire genre of documentary filmmaking and book publishing — that’s booming like never before now that Clinton has won the Democratic presidential nomination.

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